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Lara Jo Regan's career as a photographer has been uncommon and diverse; its progressive hybrid nature has influenced the aesthetic direction of photojournalism, animal photography, and documentary coverage of the art and entertainment industry. With a background in Anthropology, fine art, documentary photography and film, Regan’s work combines painterly aesthetics with sociological observation, a signature style she has applied to everything from impoverished Appalachians to the Hollywood elite.  Her interpretive visual commentary of American culture has been manifested in many acclaimed personal projects and regularly commissioned by the world’s leading publications, such as Time, Newsweek and LIFE, among many others. The UnCounted, the last major commission LIFE magazine granted before folding its iconic weekly publication, was assigned to Regan in 1999. The project explored new subcultures of immigrants and extremely impoverished populations in America “not officially existing” in the nation’s census records at the turn of the century. This series earned Regan The World Press Photo of the Year award, considered photojournalism’s most prestigious and coveted honor.

A longtime resident of Los Angeles, Regan has been photographing the human and cultural landscape of Southern California for over two decades, resulting in an extensive collection of Southern California documentary photography from 1985 to the present.  Since 2015, her full-page photo column, Lara Jo Regan’s Sights Unscene, is regularly featured in Artillery, a popular L.A. based magazine covering the art world at large.

Her current gallery work seeks to reinvigorate the meditative and provocative nature of documentary images by pushing the tradition into new abstracted and cinematic realms, while still preserving its essential function of inciting meaningful alternative contemplation of the real world.

She has also authored six monographs of dog photography published by Random House, W.W. Norton and Myth and Matter Media. Her sideline as a chronicler of canine life began when a whimsical photo series she created of a former stray, Mr. Winkle, became one of the world’s first viral Internet sensations and achieved international cult popularity.


University of Colorado, Boulder, B.A., 1987

Majors: Anthropology, Communication Art and Theory

Selected Exhibitions


2019  (upcoming) Women Street Photographers, PHOS Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria; New York, NY

2019  (upcoming) Women Street Photographers, New York, NY / Bulgaria

2019  (upcoming) Contemporary Los Angeles Street Photography, Gallery 515 / Bendix Buiding, Los Angeles

2018 30 Photos, 30 Years, Caen Memorial Museum, Caen, France

2016, Under the Spell – Los Angeles New International Art Scene, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam

2015/2016 Inside the White Cube: The Gallery as Context, Arena One Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 

2014 /2015 California Dreaming, Oceanside Museum of Art / Riverside Museum of Art

2013 Aberrant Abstraction, (Group Show), Coagula Curatorial, Los Angeles2011 

One Night Stand (Group Show), Beacon Art Center, Los Angeles, curated by Doug Harvey

2009 UNHCR, Global Immigrtion, Exhibition, Cyprus

2002 A Street in America, Photokina, UberLeben im Alltage – Berlin, Germany


2019 (upcoming) Drive Thru, Photoville LA, Anneberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles

2017 Dog Plays, The Fence / Photoville, National Touring Exhibition

2012 Object of Projection ( Retrospective) Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City

2011 Drive Thru, Visual Journalism, Irvine Fine Art Center, Irvine, CA, curated by Carl Berg

2010 Drive-Thru, Kopeikin Gallery, Culver City, CA

2009 Dreamland Ubiquities, Randall Scott Gallery, New York  

2009, Dreamland Ubiquities, Pulse Art Fair, Miami

2008 REDCAT, Los Angeles (film screening)

2006 Comic-Con, San Diego (film screening)  

2007 Los Angeles County Museum of Art (film screening)

2005 Mr. Winkle Hotel-Motel series, Icon Gallery, Los Angeles 

2001 Life Work Survey, World Press Photo Foundation, Amsterdam

1998 Behind Oscar’s Back, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and Academy Foundation, Los Angeles

1996 Behind Oscar’s Back, Visa Pour L’Image, Perpignan, France

1993 Squat Cultures of Homeless Youths in Hollywood, Lindhurst Gallery, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs

1992 Unplanned Portraits, Randall Scott TBA Gallery, Los Angeles 

Honors, Awards

2015 American Photography Annual

2008 American Photography Annual 

2007 National Coalition for Quality in Children’s Media, Best Short Film, 2007

2004 American Photography Annual 

2003 Communication Arts, Award of Excellence

2001 World Press Photo Foundation, World Press Photo of the Year 

2001 World Press Photo Foundation, First Place 

2000 Pictures of the Year, National Press Photographer’s Association 

2000 American Photography Annual

2000 Communication Arts, Award of Excellence

1999 American Photography Annual

1998 American Photography Annual

1996 Communication Arts, Award of Excellence

1995 Pictures of the Year, National Press Photographer’s Association

1995 Communication Arts, Award of Excellence

Selected Press 

The Candid Frame, featured artist interview and podcast, May 2, 2016, featured artist in article/slideshow on book, Both Sides of Sunset, July 20, 2015

The Today Show, Feature Author Interview, November 7, 2014

Publishers Weekly, “Almost Human,” Feature, September 1, 2014

ABC, Photo Feature, December 4, 2014

The Guardian, UK, Photo Feature, December 3, 2014

OC Weekly, Dave Barton, Review, Cover Story Arts, Oct 28, 2011

The Los Angeles Times, Donnell Alexander, Review, February 14, 2008                                                                       

The Seattle Times, John Harti, Review, January 19, 2008 )

NY ARTS, James Scarborough, Review, March/April 2006, Vol.11, No.1/2

Things As They Are: Photojournalism in Context Since 1955, Mary Panzer, Book Inclusion, 2005

Photographic, Lynn Iodice, Career Profile Feature, January 2005

Saint Louis Post Dispatch, Sarah Casey Newman, Feature, September 6, 2003 

The Houston Chronicle, Bettijane Levine, Life and Entertainment, Cover Feature, August 25, 2003

The Denver Post, Elena A. Jefferson, The Scene, Cover Feature, August 5, 2003

The Detroit Free Press, Feature, August 8, 2003

The San Francisco Chronicle, Neva Chonin, Datebook, Cover Feature, July 23, 2003 

The Los Angeles Times, Bettijane Levine, Calendar, Cover Feature, July 12, 2003

The Chicago Sun Times, Misha Davenport, Feature, June 13, 2003

The San Diego Tribune, John Wilkens, Currents, Cover Story, September 5, 2002

The Today Show, NBC, Featured Guest Interview, June 12, 2002

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Karen Sandstrom, Arts and Life, Cover Story, June 3, 2002 

The New York Times, Julie Iovine, Feature, January 20, 2002

Reporter Ohne Grenzen, e.V., 2002 – Berlin - Uberleben im Alltag, 10 Forografinnen fur die Pressefreiheit,  Thomas Abel, Feature

The Today Show, NBC, Feature Guest Interview, December 14, 2001 

TV Asahi – Japan - Feature Story, December 17, 2001

USA Today, Marco della Cava, Feature, December 3, 2001

New York Newsday, Denise Laim, Feature, August 30, 2001

The Sacramento Bee, Cynthia Hubert, The Scene, Cover Story, July 13, 2001

De Journalist – Amsterdam - Herman Hoenveld, Cover Story, April 2001                                                                        

PRESS Magazine – Warsaw, Poland - Oczy Spoteczenstwa, Feature, April Issue, 2001         

Dinsdag - Amsterdam - Bert Verhoeff, Feature, April 24, 2001 

The London Independent, Andrew Gumbel, Friday Review, Cover Feature, March 23, 2001                                          

China Photo Press, Feature, February 20, 2001

CNN TV, Feature Story, February 2001

ABC Evening News, Feature Segment, January 2001 

 The Dallas Morning News, Michael Precker, Living, Cover Feature, October 24, 2000

The Los Angeles Times, Dennis Arp, Feature, September 22, 2000

Photo District News, Carol Lachnit, Feature, March 1999 issue

The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, Karen Heller, Feature, March 22, 1998

The Today Show, NBC, Feature Interview, February 19, 1998 

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The Los Angeles Times, Kristine McKenna, Feature/Review, Calendar Weekend, Cover Story, Weekend, January 15, 1998

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The Philadelphia Inquirer, Steven Rea, Feature, March 23, 1997

A&L Magazine, Len Leer, Cover Story, January 23, 1997

VSD magazineFrance – Jean P. Cerquant, Feature, September 1996

PHOTO magazine – France – Feature, September,1996

American Photo magazine, Stephanie Dolgoff, L.A.’s New Talent, January/February issue, 1993

Selected Collections

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

World Press Photo Foundation

Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Sciences

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Numerous private collections

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